Feed the Machines has a groovy new Tape Stabs Sample Pack paying homage to that warmly saturated friend we call the tape cassette. Our hi-fi samples feature one-of-a-kind textures and vintage-style re-sampled records carefully bounced to tape to allow for the beautiful harmonic saturation only the cassette can achieve. These samples are then sped-up, slowed down, and tweaked thoroughly through a cassette deck to birth a warm-and-fuzzy collection of wonky sounds sure to please any producers ears. This essential collection includes classic tape stops, lilting reversed textures, and plenty of tape-loved vibes to be used in any genre from trip-hop to electro-soul for that authentic, lo-fi, harmonically saturated cassette sound we all know and love. These stabs are delivered in 24Bit 44.1 KHz quality. Whatever chosen style and genre you like to work in, take your productions to the next level with the ultimate collection of Lofi-FX’s that are sure to please.Our pack is ready to feed into any sampler or DAW of your choice for that “trippy” tape vibe. Get ready to feed your machine.


Available today