AmDek PCK100


The AmDek PCK100 was one of the first rhythm machine in BOSS’ successful Series. It was small, inexpensive and easy to use – perfect for musicians at any level. Incredibly basic controls and sounds made this drum machine an instant hit among guitarists and other musicians looking for drum accompaniment and even record into their home recordings.  There were numerous sound possibilities including Snare Drum, Kick Drum, Rim Shot and Hi-Hat. The sounds are comparable to Roland’s CR-series of rhythm machines as well as some of Roland’s cheaper TR-machines (like the TR-505, TR-606). Although not a clone of the DR-55 the authentic BOSS sound can be found in many artist works such as New Order, The Cure, Chris Carter, Sisters of Mercy, Chris & Cosey, Xeno & Oaklander, Soft Cell and Thomas Dolby.

This sound pack contains over 100 samples’s directly from the AmDek PCK100 and are delivered in 16Bit 44.1 KHz quality. Whatever chosen style and genre you like to work in, give your productions that vintage and classic sampler sound with the ultimate collection of sounds that are sure to please.


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